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In this article, i am going to go over everything in Map and how it is different from Object and also better in some cases

What is Map?

Map is a JavaScript data structure. You can add, edit, delete, check and iterate over Map just like Object, but there are some exceptions.

How to create Map?

Let’s create a Map.

let map = new Map();

and that’s it. You created a Map. But the Map is empty so let’s add some value

setting value to map example
setting value to map example

with set(key,value) method you can set a new value to a Map. The first parameter is the key and the second parameter is the value…

alan ai logo
alan ai logo
image from >

Hello developers, today i am going introduce you to a revolutionary product for us developers.

What is ALAN AI?

Alan Ai is an web app that helps you to add voice interaction to your mobile applications and websites. No machine learning or AI knowledge is needed to use this feature and it is also very easy to implement.

How to get started with?

To get start with Alan Ai is very easy. You just need to create an account in the Alan Ai website.

Then you have to create a new project to write commands.

an example of responsive image for all web viewports
an example of responsive image for all web viewports
image from ->

a lot of new developers struggle with the images they are using in their projects. And i also had the same pain in the -_-

So here I am going to save the day.

We all know a trick to make images responsive and that is width: 100%.

yes, this might be helpful, but for smaller devices. In big device, it will be going to take the full width of the browser size available and you definitely don’t want that.

So what you can do is you can use max-width instead of width.

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