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Hello developers, today i am going introduce you to a revolutionary product for us developers.

What is ALAN AI?

Alan Ai is an web app that helps you to add voice interaction to your mobile applications and websites. No machine learning or AI knowledge is needed to use this feature and it is also very easy to implement.

How to get started with?

To get start with Alan Ai is very easy. You just need to create an account in the Alan Ai website.

Then you have to create a new project to write commands.

How to use it?

After you create a new project you have to write commands on how you want your application to interact with user. A basic “hello world” command will be given for you, also you can check the documentation to learn about the basics of commands and explore many more feature.

On the left sidebar there will be add script button to add more commands, specially some basic conversational command like hi,hello etc which will be given in advance.

On the right side bar you can test the command you created by turning on the microphone button. This is how your user will interact with your real application.

After finishing writing the command it is time to integrate this commands with your project.

To do that go to integration in the top bar and copy the SDK key.

And scrolling down you will see how to link up this script with your project with many technologies like Javascript, React, Angular, Vue, Ionic, Electron etc.

There is also a paid version of Alan AI to get many interaction and customize the existing feature.

Thanks for reading :)


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